Heavy Duty Solar Panel Squirrel & Bird Guard Fence


This high quality wire mesh fencing keeps critters out from under your solar panels, and can be installed in a flash with the Slick Tools AG Bender™. Comes in 100 foot lengths and 3 different widths.

Quantity Volume Discount
30-59 $90.00 $87.00
60+ $90.00 $78.00
Quantity Volume Discount
30-59 $90.00 $87.00
60+ $90.00 $78.00
Quantity Volume Discount
40-79 $80.00 $76.50
80+ $80.00 $69.00
Quantity Volume Discount
40-79 $80.00 $76.50
80+ $80.00 $69.00
Quantity Volume Discount
50-99 $74.00 $71.50
100+ $74.00 $59.00
Quantity Volume Discount
50-99 $74.00 $71.50
100+ $74.00 $59.00

Wire Mesh Pricing

Width Price/qty
5" $74 / 1-49 $71.50 / 50-99 $59 / 100+
6" $80 / 1-39 $76.50 / 40-79 $69 / 80+
8" $90 / 1-29 $87 / 30-59 $78 / 60+

Ordering 30+ rolls or a variety of sizes? Contact us for discounted shipping by freight.

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Keep your solar PV system running for the long haul

Solar pros know that a small investment in pest protection pays off for PV system owners. Prevent costly damage by installing this wire mesh fence to keep critters away from rooftop solar systems.

High quality mesh

We’ve tested a variety of wire mesh screens and have found this product to be the highest quality PVC-coated mesh on the market. What sets it apart?

  • Sturdy, 19-gauge steel mesh is galvanized and coated with a thick layer of PVC to protect against corrosion.
  • Neatly trimmed edges have no stray wires, so they won’t puncture your roof surface or scratch your solar panels.
  • Edges are PVC coated AFTER trimming for optimal corrosion protection. Some other brands trim after coating, leaving exposed metal at the edges.

Discrete, durable solar pest exclusion

Install this mesh around solar panels using the Rail Mount Method for an ultra-durable barrier that the homeowner won’t even notice is there. This mesh is compatible with all fastener products on the market– see our guide to solar critter guard fasteners.

Works great with the AG Bender™

The AG Bender is a portable mesh-forming tool that saves installers time and leads to the best-looking, most durable critter guard out there. The Bender’s Teflon™ Contact Rods have been optimized to work with this wire mesh. Buy, rent or demo an AG Bender and get $25 off your mesh purchase!

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Bulk discounts

We offer competitive pricing, whether you’re buying a couple rolls of mesh or a couple pallets. Add the desired width(s) and quantities to your shopping cart, then view the shopping cart to see bulk pricing applied. If you change quantities, click “Update Cart” to see the new price.

Ordering 30+ rolls of mesh? We offer significantly discounted shipping by freight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What width of wire mesh do I need?

The width you need depends on (1) the roof-to-array gap of your PV system, and (2) your installation method. If you’re using a wire mesh C-channel, the rule of thumb is to order wire mesh at least 2.5″ wider than the roof-to-array gap. Below is an example of 8″ mesh bent into C-channels to fill a 4.5″ gap.

See the Rail Mount Method video for more information. Using unbent mesh or L-channels allows you to use narrower mesh to fill the same size gap, at the expense of long-term durability.

How many feet of wire mesh do I need?

Use our handy job cost calculator to estimate how much mesh you’ll need for a given PV critter guard job. You’ll also see how many attachments you’ll need, and how long it will take to install. Learn about other tools and materials you may need in our Sourcing Guide.

How do I install wire mesh around my solar array?

Check out our detailed instruction video on installing solar critter guard.

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5", 6", 8", 10"


100 feet


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