New Product: The Mod Spacer™!

Learn about our newest product: The Mod Spacer. Here, we highlight the key features of both versions of the Mod Spacer.

Solar panels are typically fastened to rails using mid- and end-clamps, which also establish the proper gap between panels. But what about the inter-row gaps (shown below), where there are no mid clamps to set the gap size?

Gaps between panels on the same row (1) are set by the size of the mid clamps. Inter-row gaps (2) are up to the installer.

It’s up to the installer to decide how large these gaps should be, and how to go about maintaining the desired size. This is usually done using a temporary spacer, which is removed after the panels are fastened in place.

If you’re a solar installer, you’ve probably come up with a jerry-rigged solution for spacing solar modules. Maybe you use a spare mid clamp, a scrap piece of rail, or perhaps a handy colleague of yours has built one out of wood.

Straining to grasp a UFO mid clamp stuck between two panels

Either way, these DIY spacers tend to be:

  • Hard to remove when the weight of a panel is resting on them
  • Easily forgotten on the roof
  • Inefficient to use

We’ve developed a patent pending spacer that we think will make solar installer’s lives easier.

The Mod Spacer™ Cam

The Cam design allows the Mod Spacer to never get stuck between two panels. With its twist release feature, it can contract in size, allowing for easy removal.

The Mod Spacer™ Peg

The Peg design can be staged on a piece of 3/4″ EMT. You can add multiple spacers and arrange them to accommodate panels in landscape and portrait. With its extended arm, the Mod Spacer Peg can rest on the edge of a panel without falling. Pegs can also be used individually (without the conduit).

Features of both Mod Spacers

  • Set a 1/2″ inter-row gap
  • Durable plastic – Won’t scratch panels or hurt someone when dropped
  • Bright red color – Never forget a spacer again

So which Spacer do you need? Check out the Mod Spacer product pages for more info and suggestions for which version might be a good fit for you.

Not sure if the Mod Spacer would be a hit with your crew? Order a free sample from the drop-down menu on the product pages in our shop – no credit card required and we’ll even cover shipping!

We hope you enjoy this tool. Please let us know what you think in the product reviews!


The Slick Tools Team


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