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The Mod Spacer Peg sets the inter-row spacing between solar panels. It can be used individually, or several can be attached to a stick of 3/4″ EMT for super-fast installation on large arrays.

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Tired of fumbling with mid clamps and other home-made spacers you’ve stuck between two solar panels? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Mod Spacers help solar installers set the gap between solar panels. This Peg version can be used individually (just like the Cam), or several Pegs can be mounted on a piece of 3/4″ EMT conduit. Some installers prefer this spacer “bar,” especially on large arrays, because there are fewer individual spacers to mess with. You can position the spacer bar, install several panels above it, and reposition the whole bar at once.


  • Sets a 1/2″ gap
  • Rubber feet provide grip on slanted solar panels
  • Can be “perched” on the upper edge of a single panel (no need for a 2nd panel to hold it in place)
  • Use on EMT or individually
  • Sturdy plastic won’t scratch panels or pose a drop hazard
  • High-vis color so you won’t leave it on the roof by accident (been there done that)
  • 1 pair of EMT end caps included with each 10-pack to prevent scratching

Which Spacer do I need?

Installers have strong personal preferences, so we developed both the Cam and the Peg to make everyone happy!

We recommend the Mod Spacer Cam if you tend to work on small, complex or steep residential roofs. It’s small and versatile, and particularly helpful on steep roofs. The Cam’s twist-release feature prevents it from getting stuck between two panels – no matter how heavy the panels or steep the roof. The Cam has earned the nickname “fidget spacer” from our field testers who can’t stop clicking it between open and closed positions (we can’t decide if that’s a benefit or a drawback). One downside of the Cam is it cannot be “perched” on the upper edge of a solar panel like the Peg.

We recommend the Mod Spacer Peg if you tend to work on large, relatively flat arrays. It is suitable for residential, commercial and utility-scale jobs. The Peg cannot collapse for easy removal like the Cam, but unlike the Cam (or a mid clamp), it can be perched on the upper edge of a single solar panel. Some installers find this speeds up their workflow. Large arrays can be installed faster using the Peg in its “bar mode,” where several spacers are mounted to a stick of EMT.

The Mod Spacer is still in development, but it’s a hit with our field testers. We’re constantly improving the product, so what you receive might look a little different from the photos above. We’d love to hear what you think of the Spacer – please leave a review on this page or contact us with your comments!

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