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Solar Animal Guard Job Cost Calculator

You can use our job cost calculator to determine the material and labor costs of an animal guard install, as well as the cost savings of an AG Bender™

Whether you’re an installer in the field, or a manager at an installation company, you might want to get some insights into how much all your animal guard jobs cost, or when the AG Bender™ will pay for itself. Our job cost calculator can tell you all this and more.

Here’s what the calculator can do:

  • Get estimates on the amount of materials and labor required, and the costs associated with both.
  • See how much time and money the AG Bender will save you.
  • Get your nerd on by adjusting advanced settings like number of sub-arrays (this has a big impact on perimeter length & cost), labor rates and the multiplier for payroll taxes and other overhead.
  • All of these metrics are available on a per job and annual basis.

If you’re still unsure whether you should install animal guard at all, or if you need some help convincing a customer to take the step, you should check out the first part of this series called “Does my solar PV system need animal/critter guard?“. Here we explore the financial risks of not installing animal guard.

Also, refer to our sourcing guide for all the best materials and tools to use when installing animal guard. We don’t sell the tools listed here, we simply hope you get some value out of the guide.

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