Black Self-Tapping Screws with Preinstalled Washer


The ultimate screw for attaching wire mesh to solar racking rails for birdproofing / critter guard.

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Use these fasteners to discreetly and securely attach items to sheet metal and thin extrusions, such as solar panel racking. They are ideal for attaching wire mesh to black anodized solar rails for critter guard / birdproofing using the Rail Mount Method or in combination with CritterBlok™. Why use these instead of your average hardware store self-tappers?

  • Heavy-duty black Dacromet coating makes both screw and washer blend in with the racking. This burly coating won’t chip during installation.
  • Pre-assembled washer is large enough to securely hold 1/2″ square wire mesh in place. No more fumbling with loose fender washers! The washer is backed with butyl rubber for a secure grip that won’t loosen over time.
  • 304 stainles steel base material makes these screws impervious to corrosion, even in coastal and humid environments.

Not sure how many to order? Use our Critter Guard Job Cost Calculator to find out.

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50, 350, 1050, 5250

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304 stainless steel




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