CritterBlok™ Solar Animal Guard Clip


Box of 100. CritterBlok is one of our preferred methods of attaching wire mesh fence to solar panels.

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For a quick and reliable way of attaching wire mesh to solar panels, nothing beats CritterBlok! Our favorite feature is that it allows for easy service of the solar panels without disturbing or re-attaching the wire mesh. Simply remove the reusable wire form that binds the mesh to the CritterBlok, and replace after service is complete.

Each CritterBlok clip includes a black, stainless steel wire form which binds the mesh to the stainless sheet metal clip. Wire forms can also be purchased separately and used on their own to bind two sections of wire mesh together– a reusable, tool-less alternative to hog rings or zip ties.

Read the CritterBlok installation manual


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