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This innovative new tool from Michigan-based Jetco/Wachtel is a game changer for folks who cut wire mesh on a daily basis. It cuts through mesh using a pair of rotary shears, saving loads of time compared to tin snips, shears and nibblers.

Fast, clean cuts

These shears cut much faster than both manually- and battery-operated shears/snips. Unlike a sheet metal nibbler, this tool generates no chips– saving you cleanup time.


  • Two-speed transmission and variable speed trigger give you the speed to cut quickly, or the precision to cut small details.
  • Can operate in reverse to back out of tight spots.
  • Easily cuts a range of materials including:
  • Quiet, spark-free operation
  • Kit includes a 2Ah battery and charger. Also compatible with Dewalt 20V batteries.
  • Replacement cutting wheels are available from the manufacturer should they wear out. However, the cutting wheels are made from hardened steel and can easily slice through wire mesh with minimal wear.

Use Cases

  • Cut solar panel birdproofing wire mesh to fit around irregular roof surfaces:
    • Concrete tiles
    • Spanish or S-tiles
    • Flat tiles
    • Standing seam metal roofing
  • Cut mesh to length after dispensing from the Wire Mesh Wrangler or AG Bender
  • Trim mesh lengthwise to achieve a specific width
  • Cut sheet metal roofing, flashing and asphalt composite shingles

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