Teflon™ Contact Rods for PVC-Coated Wire Mesh


Swap these 100% Teflon™ Contact Rods into your existing AG Bender™ to make it compatible with widely-available PVC-coated wire mesh, such as that sold by Heyco and Spiffy Solar.

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These rods come stock in the AG Bender 7 and can be retrofitted into the AG Bender 6 (which came stock with Delrin™ Contact Rods). If you’re ordering a new AG Bender, there is no need to purchase these rods as they are included and pre-installed in every new Bender.

Teflon™ rods work well with PVC-coated wire mesh, which is the most common type on the market. Manufacturers like Heyco, Spiffy Solar, Omni and mysquirrelguard.com all use PVC-coated mesh. Learn more about different types of wire mesh. We strongly recommend using the proper Contact Rods for your wire mesh, as this greatly reduces the force required to pull mesh through the Bender. The rods can be swapped into your machine in as little as 5 minutes using these instructions.

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