Hog Ring Gun for Solar Critter Guard

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A quick, reliable way to join sections of wire mesh fencing for solar critter guard (AKA animal guard or birdproofing).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install wire mesh around my solar array?

Check out our detailed instruction video on installing solar critter guard.

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4 reviews for Hog Ring Gun for Solar Critter Guard

  1. Ben W. – Elemental Energy – Portland, OR (verified owner)

    So far the Hog Ring Gun has not been reliable. I am not sure if it is user error or a product defect. The biggest struggle I am having is fastening the ring around both overlapping pieces of mesh. Even when the overlapping mesh is right on top of each other, the ring does not loop around both sides of the overlapping mesh. This is the case more than 50% of the time. I either I don’t know how to use the Hog Ring Gun or when the ring is discharged it pushes the inside mesh away from the outside mesh forcing it to loop only around the outside mesh. I have been having better luck using zip ties.

    • Marshall

      Hi Ben, I’m sorry the gun has not been working for you! I definitely know what you mean about having to line up the mesh and the gun just right to get the ring to close around both wires. I’ve talked to some installers who for whatever reason are able to make it work well for them (myself included), and others who find it not worth the trouble. Not sure if this will help in your situation, but I always tell folks to pull the trigger partially so that the staple extends out BEFORE sticking the gun into the mesh; then you can get everything in position before crimping the ring down. None of this helps the fact that you’ve paid for a tool that isn’t working for you, so at the very least I’d like to offer you a refund if you want to send the gun back.

      One more thought – I just want to share a word of warning about plastic zip ties on the wire mesh. Unlike the zip ties you may use under the array for wire management, these ones will get a ton of sun exposure and usually break within 5 years (at least here in Colorado – and yes, even the “UV rated” ones). I know they are easy to use but it really sucks to have to get back on the roof to repair them 5 years later, not to mention the angry customers who don’t bother to call and ask for a repair. A few alternatives I recommend are stainless steel zip ties, CritterBlok wireforms and SunBundlers. I have never used that last one personally but know one large installer who swears by them after doing plastic zip ties for decades.

      Cheers and thank you for the feedback! – Marshall, Founder

  2. Ben Canavan (verified owner)

    Definitely an upgrade from our other hog ring crimpers, we have used several types and this one works the best. Auto feeding the rings is a must on steep arrays. this feeds the ring forward and makes it easy to connect the mesh together.

  3. Sam Taylor

    Not using this when installing critter guard is foolish. It’s faster, much less annoying and cheaper than using zip ties. The staples seem to hold up better outside too. It does have a learning curve but once you figure it out this is a must have.

  4. Cole C

    works better than any other hood ring to ol i’ve used, can be a little finicky at times but with a little patience and finesse the issues are easily avoided.

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