Mod Spacer™ Video from SunPower

SunPower’s new instruction video shows how to set up a solar panel spacing jig using EMT conduit and Mod Spacers.

We’re trying to have a big impact here at Slick Tools, but the fact is we’re a small, self-funded team. Sometimes we have an idea for improving our product instructions, but don’t have the time or money to make it happen. So when SunPower told us they’d gone out of their way to produce an instruction video to help their installers use our Mod Spacer solar panel spacing tool, we were beyond stoked! The video (below) focuses on attaching Pegs to EMT conduit in order to create a jig for easy repositioning. Just one question– where can we get a pair of those dope max-coverage safety glasses?

SunPower is one of the largest solar manufacturers today, and has been innovating with solar panel and racking design for decades. They were an early customer and advocate of our Mod Spacer, and have been providing great feedback on the product since they started using it. Thanks SunPower!


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