Announcing the Solar Animal Guard Sourcing Guide

Solar installers and homeowners now have a comprehensive guide to the best materials and tools for solar animal guard.

Today we’re excited to share a section of our website that has been in the works for months! The Solar Animal Guard Sourcing Guide contains a breakdown of the most popular animal guard materials and tools on the market. Its main target audience is procurement folks at solar installation companies, but we expect this info to be super helpful for DIY-minded solar homeowners as well.

The Guide contains a section on each major component – the wire mesh, the fasteners, etc. For each section, we explain what to look for in that component – such as material, attachment style and other features. Then we provide our recommended product based on input from our installer network across the US. Finally, we list all the other options and their pricing. We’ve identified the lowest-cost retailer/distributor we could find for each product (Slick Tools does not distribute any of these products ourselves, other than the AG Bender).

We will continue to update this guide as new products come on the market and prices change. If you’re a manufacturer or distributor who would like to recommend an update or addition to the Guide, reach out and we would be happy to include you. There are no fees or strings attached, and we’ll make our best effort to objectively highlight the benefits and drawbacks of every product.

Finding the right tools and materials is just one piece of the animal guard puzzle. Stay tuned as we continue to publish resources like this for the solar community, including an upcoming step-by-step instructional video on AG installation!


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