Wire Mesh Wrangler™ User Guide

Check out the video below for an overview of how to use the Wrangler. This video was originally created for our field testers, but the info still applies to the commercial tool.

Other resources

Critter Guard Installation
Materials sourcing
  • Solar Critter Guard Job Cost Estimator – Estimate how many materials you’ll need for a given job, and how long it will take to complete. *Note as of January 2024, the calculator is mostly geared toward C-channel installation and may miscalculate the wire mesh width required if you’re installing unbent mesh. However, the length and fasteners required will be accurate.
Our Other Tools
  • Ever heard of a hog ring gun? Check out this and other products we sell to make your life easier: Shop Critter Guard
Marketing resources for critter guard / birdproofing pros
  • Send your potential customers to our homeowner resources page. The info there will help them understand the importance of protecting their PV systems from pests, and the value of the service you’re providing!

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