Wire Mesh Wrangler™


The Wire Mesh Dispenser stores, transports, dispenses and re-coils wire mesh rolls so you can work faster and safer.

Wranglers will ship 1-2 weeks after order placement while we work through an initial backlog.

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Tired of juggling wire mesh on pitched roofs while installing solar critter guard / birdproofing? We were too, so we spent two years designing and testing the ultimate tool for putting wire mesh in its place. Yeah, we might have gone a little overboard. But we’re pretty sure you are going to love this tool!

Key Features

Wire mesh fencing dispenser tool
Dispenses mesh in any orientation

Rest the tool on your work surface and pull mesh away from it, or start attaching mesh and dispense as you go.

Wire mesh caddy with 6 inch welded pvc wire mesh
Compatible with most wire mesh

Adjusts to fit wire mesh from 3 inches to 8 inches wide. Suitable for all welded wire mesh with 1/2″ wire spacing, such as our Heavy Duty Fencing.

Rewind knob on wire mesh dispenser
Contains and recoils mesh

A low-friction container cable stops mesh from uncoiling during transport. The rewind knob allows you to coil unused mesh back into the tool.

Wire mesh roller with low friction bearings for birdproofing
Roll like a pro

Proprietary rollers ride on low-friction, maintenance-free Igus® bearings for smooth mesh dispensing.

Rubber feet to stop wire mesh from sliding off roof
Stays where you put it

Seven rugged non-slip feet allow you to put your mesh down without it rolling or sliding off the roof.

Closeup of wire mesh wrangler frame materials
Built for the long haul

1/4″ plate aluminum and stainless steel frame; 100% stainless fasteners for years of heavy use. Slick Tools’ 1-year warranty applies.

Customers in the US and Canada can order online. Contact us if you’re in another country and would like a quote.

Watch the Wrangler in Action

Check out this Instagram post by one of our field testers!

Below is an instruction video showing the basic features & functions of the Wrangler. Learn more: Wire Mesh Wrangler™ User Guide

Wrangler Kit vs. Fully Assembled

We’re now offering the Wrangler as an affordable, customer-assembled kit; as well as a turn-key, fully-assembled tool.

If you liked building Legos as a kid, we think you’ll enjoy the kit. The assembly process is fairly complex, but we’ve put a lot of work into our step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible. Check out the instructions before purchasing to make sure you’re up for the task!

To assemble the Wrangler Kit you’ll need to provide your own:

  • Socket driver and 3/8″ socket
  • 9/16″ wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Philips head screwdriver (#2)

In a hurry? Select the fully-assembled version of the Bender, and it’ll be ready to use out of the box.


Q: What color is it?
A: Darker than a black steer’s tookus on a moonless prairie night.

The Wire Mesh Wrangler™ is patent pending. Igus® is a registered trademark of Igus GmbH.

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Kit (assembly required), Fully assembled


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