Replacement AG Bender™ Spindle Adapters


Lost your spindle adapters, or want to upgrade your R6-and-earlier AG Bender™? These R7 Spindle Adapters fit any roll of wire mesh on the market.

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Older AG Benders™ (R6 and below) were not compatible with wire mesh rolls whose inside diameter was under 3 inches. These R7 spindle adapters are adjustable to fit any size wire mesh roll on the market (1.75″ to 4″ I.D.). They feature set screws to lock each adapter to the spindle, making it easy to load and position mesh rolls. Retrofit them onto your older Bender for an easy upgrade!

  • One pair (2 pieces) of Spindle Adapters
  • One 9/64″ ball-end hex key for adjusting Spindle Adapters
  • Assembly instructions (click here to download)

Compatible with every model AG Bender up through R7. These parts fit onto your existing spindle and replace the older press-on spindle parts.

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Weight .375 lbs


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