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The Mod Spacer Cam sets the inter-row spacing between solar panels. With it’s twist-release feature, it will never get stuck between panels.

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Tired of fumbling with mid clamps and other home-made spacers you’ve stuck between two solar panels? You’ve come to the right place!

The Mod Spacer helps solar installers set the gap between solar panels. The patent-pending cam mechanism allows the spacer to collapse when you’re ready to remove it, relieving pressure and friction from adjacent panels. This makes every install go faster, but it’s particularly handy on steep roofs, where the weight of the panels makes it difficult to remove traditional spacers. To use, simply:

  1. Slide the spacer between two panels in the “install” position
  2. Fasten panels to racking
  3. Twist the spacer to the “remove” position
  4. Pull the spacer out

Dang, that was easy!

Other features of this version include:

  • 2 different gap sizes available
  • Big handle is easier to grab than traditional spacers
  • Plastic construction won’t scratch panels or pose a drop hazard
  • High-vis color so you won’t leave it on the roof by accident (been there done that)

What size Mod Spacer do I need?

We offer two sizes: 1/2″ and 20mm (3/4″).

  • A 1/2″ Mod Spacer will leave a 1/2″ gap between adjacent solar panels.
  • The 20mm Spacer measures exactly 20mm, which is just a hair over 3/4″. The table below summarizes which Mod Spacer to use based on your solar racking system.
Solar racking
Racking manufacturer minimum
recommended gap
Slick Tools recommended
Mod Spacer™ size
IronRidge XR Flush Mount3/8″1/2″
Quickmount Q Rail1/4″1/2″
SnapNrack Ultra Rail3/4″**20mm (3/4″)
SunPower InvisiMount20mm20mm (3/4″)
Unirac SolarMount1″*20mm (3/4″)
Unirac RoofMount1/4″1/2″
Note: installers should consult solar racking and module installation instructions to confirm the correct gap size for their application.
*No minimum gap size specified. However, mid clamps leave a 1″ gap between panels.
**SnapNrack allows as small as 1/8″ gap, but recommends 3/4″ to promote airflow and allow for longer roof attachment spans in some circumstances.

Which version of the Mod Spacer should I buy – Cam or Peg?

Installers have strong personal preferences, so we developed both the Cam and the Peg to make everyone happy!

We recommend the Mod Spacer Cam if you tend to work on small, complex or steep residential roofs. It’s small and versatile, and particularly helpful on steep roofs. The Cam’s twist-release feature prevents it from getting stuck between two panels – no matter how heavy the panels or steep the roof. The Cam has earned the nickname “fidget spacer” from our field testers who can’t stop clicking it between open and closed positions (we can’t decide if that’s a benefit or a drawback). One downside of the Cam is it cannot be “perched” on the upper edge of a solar panel like the Peg.

We recommend the Mod Spacer Peg if you tend to work on large, relatively flat arrays. It is suitable for residential, commercial and utility-scale jobs. The Peg cannot collapse for easy removal like the Cam, but unlike the Cam (or a mid clamp), it can be perched on the upper edge of a single solar panel. Some installers find this speeds up their workflow. Large arrays can be installed faster using the Peg in its “bar mode,” where several spacers are mounted to a stick of EMT.

As with every Slick Tool, we’re constantly revising and improving this product using feedback from our awesome field testers and customers. What you receive might look a little different from the photos above. We’d love to hear what you think of the product– please leave a review on this page or send us your thoughts!

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Solar panel gap size

1/2", 20mm (3/4")

1 review for Mod Spacer™ Cam

  1. Sam Taylor

    The Mod Spacer is a game changer. We got the pegs and the cams and use both on all jobs. Our guys usually use the peg attached to a length of EMT for initial panel placement and have a couple of cams in their pocket in case they need to adjust a panel on the go. We use Ironridge racking and it really made spacing panels a lot easier on the guys, especially the pegs on the EMT. The plastic has held up well so far.

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