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Introducing the Slick Tools Wire Mesh Wrangler™

I’m proud to announce the official launch of our newest tool, the Wire Mesh Wrangler! The Wrangler is the ultimate way to transport, dispense and recoil welded wire mesh, commonly used to protect solar systems from animals.

Getting a roll of mesh onto a pitched roof, and carefully uncoiling just the amount you need while balancing on said roof, is a real pain in the butt. As soon as you cut open a roll of mesh, it wants to sproing (an engineering term) out into a giant skin-cutting, solar-panel-scratching tangle. And if you manage to keep it in a tight coil as you carefully pull off the amount you need, good luck putting it down without it rolling or sliding off the roof. Need to tighten up a loose coil of mesh so that it fits on the shelf in your van? Before the Wrangler came along, I’d tell you I’d rather rewind an entire roll of toilet paper that my 2-year old gleefully dispensed, again.

Anyway, the Wrangler will round up your mesh and keep it under wraps while you work. It’s got some cool features that make it super easy to move mesh around the roof, dispense exactly as much as you want, and even rewind unused mesh at the end of a job. Learn all about it at the Wrangler product page.

Assembling the wire mesh wrangler

We’re trying something new with the Wrangler, which is to provide an option for customers to assemble the tool themselves. This allows us to offer the Wrangler at a significantly lower price, and save customers money on shipping as well. To make this work, we’ve come up with a truly bad ass set of instructions that make assembly quick and easy– dare I say fun? Of course, you can also buy the tool fully assembled and ready to use.


Marshall Poland
Founder, Slick Tools LLC


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