GRID Alternatives just got an AG Bender™!

Find out more about our recent donation to GRID Alternatives!

GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization based in California, that provides underrepresented individuals and tribal communities across the globe with solar who would not have been able to afford the transition to renewable energy. In addition, they train hundreds of solar installer each year. These cohorts of trainees from all backgrounds are taught the basics of solar systems before applying their knowledge on actual projects. With their industry connections, GRID enables these individuals to land jobs at solar installers across the country after they complete the 10-week program. Sam, our business developer actually completed GRID’s “Solar Training Academy” in 2020. His cohort worked on a commercial project in Boulder for 10 weeks.

We’ve long admired GRID for helping individuals across the globe transition to renewable energy, and for helping build a strong workforce in the industry.

We decided to visit one of these cohorts last Tuesday on a residential project in Denver to donate an AG Bender. Hopefully we can partner with GRID in the future, as we develop a full line of solar-specific tools!


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