Sales Tax Info

If you’re purchasing items from us that will later be re-sold to your customers, you might not need to pay sales tax. We’d be happy to remove sales tax from your order if it is eligible. Here’s how to do it:

1. Place your order

No need to get your documentation together now; we’ll refund any sales tax charged once the process below is complete.

2. Determine eligibility

  • We offer tax exemption on consumables such as wire mesh and clips; not tools.
  • Each country and state has its own sales tax rules. Here are some resources to help you determine if you need to pay tax on materials purchases:
  • The order shipping address, not your billing address, determines which tax jurisdiction applies.
  • Governmental entities, charitable organizations and schools are often eligible for tax exemption and encouraged to send us their certificates.

3. Get a certificate

  • Each state provides a form which you can fill out to self-certify as a reseller or exempt organization.
  • Your business likely has a tax exemption certificate on file already; ask your accounting and procurement people.
  • If you need a new certificate, you can likely download, fill out, and sign your own in a few minutes.
  • Make sure the certificate describes the items you are buying, e.g. “construction materials.”

4. Apply

Email with:

  • your sales tax exemption certificate
  • a list of any Slick Tools order numbers for which you’d like a tax refund on (check your order confirmation email for the order number).

Send us your certificate within 7 days of placing an order to ensure you get a tax refund.

5. You’re in!

  • We’ll process your certificate and issue sales tax refund for any orders you specified.
  • For future orders, sign in to your Slick Tools account using the Shop>>My Account page or the dialog at the top of the Checkout page. We’ll automatically exclude tax from any consumables in your order.
  • Your exemption will automatically apply to all users who share your email domain, e.g. So there’s no need for multiple colleagues to apply.


Why does my order show zero tax, even though I haven’t applied for exemption?

We are not required to collect sales tax for sales into many jurisdictions due to our small business status. Woo hoo!

My certificate was approved, but I’m still getting charged tax at checkout.
  • Check if you have any tools or non-consumables in your order. We cannot exempt tools from tax.
  • Make sure you’re logged into your Slick Tools account.
  • Make sure your account is linked to your work email.
  • Make sure your work email domain matches that of whomever applied for exemption (e.g.

Still having issues? Email

Note: We aren’t tax professionals, and the information above is provided for reference only and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. You are responsible for ensuring any tax exemption you claim is legitimate.