Media Bounty Program

Using our products in the field? Send us a photo or video, and we’ll Venmo you up to $50 per shot!

The thing about our Marketing Department here at Slick Tools is… well, we don’t actually have one.

Since you’re already in the field using our tools, we’d love it if you sent us photos or videos we can use on our website & social media! It should only take a couple minutes, and we’ll pay for any content we end up using.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shoot a photo or video of a Subject listed below. Smartphone cameras are OK! Be sure to read our Quality Guidelines.
  2. Upload your media using the Submit Photos/Vidoes button above. You’ll need to sign in with a Google account.
  3. We’ll Venmo you a one-time Bounty payment if we end up using your shots:
    • $20 if we share it on social media (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,…)
    • or $50 if we use it on an official product web page. Only the best quality photos and videos will be used there.


Here’s what we want in the shot. This list will be updated over time as our needs change.

Wire Mesh Wrangler

  • Loading mesh into the tool
  • Adjusting to different mesh widths
  • Hauling the Wrangler/mesh to the roof with a rope, and/or clipping a carabiner to the handle
  • Dispensing mesh on the roof / installing mesh while using the tool
    • Vertical & horizontal dispensing
    • Pull material away from Wrangler vs. carry Wrangler while dispensing
    • Wrap a whole array then attach clips vs. dispense & clip as you go
  • Rewinding unused mesh into the Wrangler
  • Winding a loose roll of mesh up into a tighter roll
  • Carrying the Wrangler around a jobsite
  • Loading Wrangler into/out of a vehicle (give a sense of the footprint/volume it takes up)
  • Shot including both the Wrangler and your company branding (T-shirt, truck decal,…). Bonus exposure for your company!

AG Bender

  • Basically, any use of the AG Bender on a job site. We prefer that you include your company branding (T-shirt, truck decal, etc.) in the shot!

Mod Spacer

  • Mod spacer in use

Quality Guidelines

  • Video clips are generally preferred over photos.
  • Film in HD resolution (1080p) minimum
  • Clips of 10 seconds or less are preferred; keep it short and to the point.
  • Not too shaky!
  • Avoid tightly-cropped shots. Leave extra space around the subject.
  • Landscape v. portrait orientation – Either works. Portrait is best for social media, and landscape is best for our official product videos.
  • Please send raw photos/videos and leave the editing to us.

Other Rules

  • By uploading media to us, you are granting Slick Tools the perpetual right to use the media for marketing purposes.
  • We make no guarantee that we’ll use the content you send us. Payments will only be made for content we share publicly according to the rules stated here.
  • The maximum Bounty per Submission per Subject is $50; i.e. if we share it on social media and use it in an official product video, we pay $50 total. We reserve the right to use submitted media as many times as we like in exchange for the one-time payment.
  • Multiple photos and/or videos of the same Subject submitted by the same company will be considered a single Submission. That said, feel free to send multiple shots to increase the odds of us using the Submission.
  • We’ll pay Bounties on the portion(s) of videos we actually use. If you send a long video covering multiple Subjects and we only use a clip covering one Subject, you’ll only receive a Bounty for that Subject.
  • You are welcome to share media through your own social media accounts. However, please don’t explicitly endorse our products while participating in the Bounty program. For example, if you share a video of yourself saying our products are great, and you’re also submitting videos to the Bounty program, technically you need to disclose in your endorsement that you’re getting paid by Slick Tools. That gets complicated, so please either endorse our products or submit videos to the Bounty program.


  • Can I submit videos for multiple Subjects?
    Yes, you can submit for as many Bounties as you like. You’re eligible for the $20/$50 payment for each Subject.
  • Can I send a sweet photo/video I took, even if it’s not listed as a Bounty?
    Sure, send it our way and if we use it in our marketing, we’ll pay the same rates if we use it.
  • Can I just share a photo/video through my own social media account?
    We’d love it if you did that, but that will not be compensated through the Bounty program. Only videos uploaded with the form will be considered for payment.
  • I’m having technical problems submitting the form.
    Please contact us and we’ll help sort it out.
  • When do I get paid?
    Whenever we use your content for the first time.